Your Historic High Street

The High Street is not just just for shopping.
It is the meeting, sharing of ideas and community that makes the High Street special.

About The Initiative

About The Initiative

Historic England are working with local communities and interested parties to help encourage the economic, social and cultural recovery of 67 High Streets. As a result, Historic England is looking into how to reclaim the High Street as a community space.

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  • Who: Historic England
  • When: 2020-2024
  • Why: To fuel economic, social and cultural recovery
  • How: Getting stakeholders for the past
  • My research
  • What: Making historical data accessible
  • How: Understanding needs and creative thinking
  • Why: The High Street is for everyone

High Streets across England

Million to invest using local partners to rejuvinate the High Streets

4 years to complete these projects

Years for my PhD research

Time completed 50%
My Locations

My Locations

Have a look below to see where your local High Street Heritage Action Zone is

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What makes the High Street significant to you

The High Street is significant to people for many different reasons. I would like to know what yours is...


High Street Heritage Action Zone pilot

Restoring and regenerating a forgotten part of Coventry’s historic townscape, boosting the local economy and celebrating the city’s rich heritage.


A Heritage High Street success story

97 properties restored and £2.6 million invested


Creation of a Heritage Hub and Virtual Reality Tour

Created spaces for people not just to experience but share their own stories.


Working with local architects

Working with local partners to help rejuvinate the community feeling in the built heritage


Breathing life back into the Historic Center

Turning the Historic Center back into a commuity space by repurposing buildings

Example sources

The High Street is full of a wide variety of information

Have a look below at some of the examples

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  • Photo
  • 3D
  • Other

Archaeological report of Poulton Street, Kirkham

Archaeology Data Service

Map of Kirkham 1938

National Library of Scotland

Days of Ashwell

Ashwell Museum

Bishops Palace Northallerton

Altogether Archaeology

Northallerton High Street market

Claire Hampson

Photo up the High Street in Kirkham

Paul Lawrenson

Members of the St Joseph's Roman Catholic School, Wesham six-a-side football team 1968

Mick Downer

Ash Tree House in Kirkham

Harry Fenton Photography

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Contact Me

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